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Release Date: 19 March 2014

The expected Japanese second album includes 「Heaven」 that charted 7th place on the Oricon charts and the upcoming release of this January:「Shh」. 

Edgy tracks with ambitious Global Dance Music sounds will be included with these gorgeous productions!! Disco/UK House/New Jack Swing and more are among the Global Dance Music styles included.

Joining the producer of the last two singles, Osawa Shinichi are the producers who have already worked with Namie Amuro and Daichi Miura: T-SK and BEATPORT from the producer’s unit called FUTURE UNISON that have acts such as DJ NERVO who has stayed three weeks in a row as a World Wide #1. These are the producers that have participated in the production of this album.

Edition Info】
■「Ms.Independent」from the TV Commercial for 「MARUKO」that featured Juyeon will be included in this album.

CD + DVD (First Press Limited Edition) (+ 32 page Photobook)
CD Tracklist:

Others: Overtune, Interlude
(※ Total of 12 tracks.)

<Music Video>

01 Heaven(MUSIC VIDEO)
03 Shh(Dance Edit MUSIC VIDEO)

<Special>【130824 Play Girlz Japan FAN MEETING 2013-WELCOME BACK!!AFTERSCHOOL-at Shinkiba Studio Coast】Performances
04 Diva
06 Heaven
07 Crazy Driver

CD Only
Others: Overtune, Interlude
Bonus Track: FLASHBACK (Japanese Ver.)
(※ Total of 13 tracks.)

CD Only (mu-mo Version)
Others: Overtune, Interlude
Bonus Track: Lucky Girl
(※ Total of 13 tracks.)

(via After School’s Official Japanese Website & Amazon Japan, Editorial description translated by okdr)

Translator’s Notes:

"OK, this global production team has so many great productions listed for Japan. They also produced for Koda Kumi or the indie but quite successful R&B singer Hiromi aka Rainbow. Her albums are always masterpieces. 

The thing is Hiromi is also a song-writer, as you can see on the link.

Judging by the site, it looks like a Global Project that keeps joining producers World-Wide, but they come and go.

It seems their productions are quite active in the J-Pop/R&B niche.

From JASMINE to GENERATIONS, they even have Sexy Zone who are one of the most promising Johnny’s groups, quite like V6 because they can actually sing pretty well live inspite their young ages as well as do both the Johnny’s usual idol sound and the more contemporary R&B-ish and Dance sound. They have, of course, more from EXILE’s family, such as ATSUSHI’s solo songs… and Surprise! Rip Off from the album Playgirlz, also released with FLASHBACK is listed under their past productions. Dilly Dally is also under their past catalogue. BoA’s HOPE and Not Over You; B1A4’s Wake Me Up; Tohoshinki’s I Know… all of those are productions done in Japan under this FUTURE UNISON collective. 

They’re behing hits such as EXILE TRIBE’s Burning Up (Sandaime JSB vs GENERATIONS) or JASMINE’s Countdown.

They have practically worked with every R&B-ish act in Japan (Except for Kato Miliyah or Ms Ooja, I don’t see them there), like Crystal Kay or MAY J.

Well, they are also behind two of the most-liked by Intl. Playgirlz After School’s songs. Especially Dilly Dally.

We can expect a power-up album, judging by this. I like that they are siding with the R&B-niche, even mentioning New Jack Swing.”



AFTERSCHOOL's 5th Japanese Single 'Heaven'
Produced by Shinichi Osawa
Released on 2nd October 2013


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